Criteria for each award is listed below. Once reviewed, submit the nomination form. You may also download this form and return it to

  • A group of students and an advisor(s) who support and exemplify spreading the ideals of Student Leadership Services and youth led prevention.
  • Students and Advisor work and function as a team.
  • The Chapter of the Year must have shown development each year making their chapter stronger than the previous year.
  • The Chapter of the Year must have reached out to a significant amount of youth in the school.
  • This chapter must have made a considerable impact in their school and demonstrate how the impact is evident.
  • Enables the chapter and students to develop to their maximum potential.
  • Uses their strengths in a positive way to enhance the chapter.
  • Exemplifies the chapter’s beliefs in everyday life.
  • Shows dedication in being an advisor.
  • Involved and dedicated in helping with the chapter’s goals.
  • Commitment and dedication to their chapter for at least two years.
  • Chapter exemplifies positive energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the vision of Student Leadership Services.
  • Chapter participated in at least two community service projects in a school year.
  • Chapter planned and participated in at least two substance free activities at school.
  • Chapter displays mission and values in all aspects of chapter meetings and activities.
  • Has shown significant improvement in majority of the following areas:
    • Members
    • Increased money from fundraisers, events, etc.
    • SLS activities
    • Sponsorships
    • Chapter Activities
    • Other improvements and accomplishments
  • Applicants need to show “before” and “after” summaries of school climate, etc

(Named after Russell Reiterman, Advisor of the Year 2000, Henry Ford II High School)

  • Welcomes students with an open mind and open heart.
  • Engages youth to believe in the mission of Student Leadership Services.
  • Empowers students to use their strengths.
  • Is a respectful mentor to youth.

(Named after Doris Vega, former SLS Staff and dear friend and mentor of SAB Alumni)

  • Supports students, chapter and Student Leadership Services behind the scenes.
  • Gives thankfully and unselfishly with an open heart.
  • Respected by students, advisors and Student Leadership Services staff.
  • Goes above and beyond with no expectation of recognition.
  • Has devoted time and effort to Student Leadership Services.
  • Contributes to the events hosted by Student Leadership Services.
  • Help Student Leadership Services in accomplishing the organization’s goals.
  • Cannot be currently employed by Student Leadership Services.
  • Must be actively involved with Student Leadership Services.
  • Creative use of community, school and student resources to match grant funding.
  • Project reaches beyond the norm of school-based prevention projects.
  • Evidence of “youth-led” strategies in the grant application, project, marketing and publicity.
  • Evidence of school administration support and community collaboration efforts.
  • Grant Report and Evaluation submitted to SLS in a timely, complete and thorough fashion.  Hand written thank you note sent to Citizens Insurance Company representative.
  • SLS Chapter partners effectively with local businesses, community foundations, school-based community groups, service organizations, law enforcement, health and safety services, religious services, business professional organizations, and tourism entities.
  • SLS Chapter/students take the lead in this partnership and continue throughout the project.
  • Evidence of effectiveness of the project in reaching project goals.
  • Samples of public relations and media exposure for chapter and project. 

The below PGVP Lifetime Award is personally selected by SLS and not nominated.

 Pamela G. Voss-Page Lifetime Achievement Award

  • At least 10 years of involvement with Student Leadership Services.
  • Has performed outstanding service to Student Leadership Services.
  • Personal sacrifice including financial support.
  • Examples of significant involvement:
    • Provided services to Student Leadership Services at events.
    • Devotes time to a chapter.
    • Helps to promote Student Leadership Services ideals.
    • Former member of SLS or Student Advisory Board.
  • Is currently involved with Student Leadership Services and devotes time to the organization.
  • Cannot be currently employed by Student Leadership Services.

Student Leadership Services, Inc. Student of the Year Nomination Form

Recipient will receive a plaque, $300 college scholarship and SLS recognition/representation during community opporunities.

Deadline for All Award Nominations: March 1, 2022

Awards will be presented at the SLS High School Leadership Conference March 19-20, 2022