Student Advisory Board (SAB)

The Student Advisory Board is dedicated to creating a healthy, happy, safe, and secure environment in our schools and communities. We accomplish this through promoting youth involvement, organization of the network, building partnerships, and friendships. We encourage leadership, safe driving, and substance free behaviors, we include all individuals who support these values. We also recognize the harmful effects of alcohol and other substances, and the dangers of driving distracted. We encourage the expansion of our purpose to include activities that contribute to the positive development of our peers and future generations.

Application Deadline April 30, 2022

The SAB represents Michigan youth-led prevention and safety programs from the 300 high school and middle school groups which have 20,000 members. Leadership skill building, peer education, and healthy choices are the focus of the board. The SAB is comprised of three to twenty student leaders. They are trained by SLS to teach prevention skills, driving safety, peer leadership, life skills, and how to engage in community service to their peers and younger students.

2022 SLS
High School Leadership Conference

Check out the slide show from the 2022 SLS Leadership Conference! The SAB is in charge of planning and executing the event. They perform roles during the event like hosts, MCs, workshop presenters, speech givers, and so much more!

If you would like to be apart of the process, apply to the SAB today!