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Physical Health 

Healthy habits are hard to develop and requires one to change their mindset. Families, communities, school, and the media can influence the dietary and physical activity behaviors of children and adolescents. Students struggle balancing academics, work, social activities, and finding time to manage their physical health. Physical health contributes to the overall health and well-being of an individual. It can reflect a person’s mental and emotional health. Because students are extremely busy, they spend majority of their time consuming fast food on the daily basis. It’s easier to grab fries and a burger from McDonalds than spending your time cooking a meal, right? WRONG! Fast food is higher in calories, fat, sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates which can create chronic health conditions. Creating healthy habits can control your weight, improve mood regulation, boost energy, and improve longevity.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Don’t be afraid of what research says, there is still time for you to make a change in your lifestyle TODAY. We all want to be the best and look our BEST! Creating healthy habits can be difficult, but SLS Chapters can help their peers in the following ways:

Listed below are some more tips to help you look and feel your BEST: