The SLS Four Pillars of Prevention

SLS provides a nationally recognized, student-led, whole-child approach to prevention programming for students ages 11-19. Students Leading Students (SLS) for high school and Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) for middle school.

Research shows that prevention programs with long-term investment and repeated exposure to ideas delivered in different settings over time have better results than single awareness-raising sessions. We believe active and engaged students, when challenged to lead, become role models for their peers. As a result, they develop the self-efficacy needed to live healthy, productive lives. Our model provides an inclusive, safe, environment that promotes autonomy and develops confidence in their ability to lead change. With adult support, the Chapter meets regularly to plan and lead culturally sensitive, evidence-based activities to address specific prevention needs in their schools. This promotes positive youth development and helps prevent ATOD use. Student Leadership Services brings intention to practice with the SLS Four Pillars of Prevention.

The Four Pillars are put into practice using Key Components. Then, these components are framed using Guiding Questions that empower Chapters to implement student-led activities that meet their unique needs. Finally, these three things come together in a framework we call the Chapter Planning Tool. This yearly calendar provides examples of the types of activities Chapters might engage in over the course of the school year. Chapters receive personalized training, access to resources in our Google Classroom, and ongoing support (in-person and online) from our team to help them reach their Chapter goals.

Students Leading Students

(SLS-High School)

Students Taking a New Direction

(STAND-Middle School)

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